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ISO 9001 approven products and TUEV Certificates

"Colenta Labortechnik GmbH & Co KG take pride in their qualification as an approved manufacturer to ISO 9001 standards. ISO 9001 status confirms our commitment to maintain the highest standards demanded by our customers in both the quality of our products and the services we provide. "

ISO 9001 Certificate - Quality Management System:

ISO 9001 Certificate EN

ISO 9001 Certificate EN

ISO Certificate ENGLISH 2016 Valid thru 2018

ISO Certificate GERMAN 2016 Valid thru 2018

OLD Certificates - NOT VALID:
ISO Certificate ENGLISH 2013/2016
ISO Certificate GERMAN 2013/2016
ISO Certificate ENGLISH 2010/2013
ISO Certificate GERMAN 2010/2013
ISO Certificate ENGLISH 2007/2010
ISO Certificate GERMAN 2007/2010
ISO Certificate 2004/2007
ISO Certificate 2000/2003

MDC Certificate EN ISO 13485:2012
Quality Management System for Medical Products:

MDC Certificate EN ISO 13485:2012 - QMS for Medical Products

MDC Certificate EN ISO 13485:2012 E166 Valid thru 2020

TUEV Certificate for X-Ray Films:

TUEV Certificate QP031 Page1

TUEV Certificate QP031 Page2

TUEV Certificate for X-Ray Films QP031 Valid thru 2017

OLD Certificates - NOT VALID:
TUEV Certificate QP031 2007/2012
TUEV Certificate QP031 2003/2006

TUEV Certificate for X-ray and Digitalisation Systems:

TUEV Certificate Q166 Page1

TUEV Certificate Q166 Page2

OLD Certificates - NOT VALID:
TUEV Certificate TUEV-A-MT-1_14_Q166 rev00

TUEV Certificate for X-Ray and Digitalisation Systems Q166 Valid thru 2018